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I have a problem with the right side audio V312 the wire keeps breaking off the receiver has happened 6 times does anybody else have this problem I am pissed that I have to write 100 words jfhr8gijdij fkjfrijrjirg edfkjfurih8uif jdesuhufjhs efjifri dxfkjjir3f fxjiefi efxjifri efjirdsi fedkjit4r4ki4 ekjfd reke kd rd 4jkd5d rdo k4of 4kktd o5d ro5t5otd roktdo4t 4od5todt kodijs ixfuii freoidod5t orfotd rfdo5d coicxn oc odnfo io5ofd ofkiorwkiwjd finiftjidet ikrtcgxijfijfd wik53ir ifd fikf nj53gxi fxkirefijfreiifj rioftiojtio fikof fik dfsiofd jkftkrf irf tikex it4 tgikivfn ntiorc iocg ckic vtgifd ecikiovc etkiv kivt iktec ctgrkijv tciki tg rcgxkicxnjcxg ikf egjmc ikrcxk3 oimrckioiokfc kitcvg ijg nfmocx etcoigoiofdk ftgiodt5s dioc ioc of kigfc odtr o tmifx wioivfx olkv rfikjcgx sxuxsuj f jfxrhjfx uijvx wijucx ujif wwikf ikjfx wike jfxc etfknvxc ikwcxf tkjn

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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if you contact customer services they will help you maybe replace the item


Hello I feel really sorry for your stress, i actually work for phonation who are actually sonova they employ anything they can find including drug addicts and criminals , you have no hope of getting a quality repair the company is a joke to say the least , poor management is to blame through every department take my advise and use a different hearing solutions company not phonak or sonova

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